Pokemon plushes from your favorite pokemon

If you are an early Pokemon fan, you've probably already dreamed of finding yourself in this magical and very special universe. Imagine yourself with your Pokédex traveling the world in the company of your favorite Pokemon. Think about the fun of collecting arena badges and becoming the league champion.

It is precisely to allow Pokemon fans in the world to live their trainer's dream that we offer a complete collection of Pokemon plush toys. Faithfully taking the design of your favorite companions, they will allow you to immerse yourself a little more in the world of Pokemon by having by your side the pokemon of your choice.

Pokemon plushes with unmatched sweetness

Made from polyester fibers, our Pokemon plushes are naturally soft to the touch. Suitable for all ages, they are anti-allergenic and will allow you to enjoy unlimited hugs without any risk to your health or your child.

Ideal for serving as a cuddly toy during a long night's sleep, our Pokemon plushes will be real partners for the youngest as well as adults wishing to hug their favorite Pokemon.

In addition, their naturally cute appearance will allow you to decorate the room of your choice with the colors of your favorite Pokemon. Something to delight all fans who are looking for a Pokemon plush to brighten up their bedroom or complete their existing collection.

Continuously renewed collections

The Pokemon universe is constantly evolving, bringing with it a lot of new creatures to complete the Pokédex. In addition, some new regions give way to new forms of existing Pokemon.

This is why our collection of Pokemon plushes also evolves regularly on the site. Our goal is to allow you to always have access to the Pokemon plush that you like the most. For this, it is essential to offer you the latest news from the Pokemon license.

Whether legendary pokemon, Pikachu plushes, Mimikyu plushes or Eevee plushes, you will surely find the plush of your choice.

The benefits of Pokemon Faction

Benefit from international, fast and free delivery. Receive your order for free in 15 to 25 days, anywhere in the world.

Money back guarantee. The package is broken? Are you dissatisfied with your purchase? Feel free to contact us via email. We will always find a solution that benefits you.

English customer service available 24/7. Do you have a question about a product or your order? Our team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

A 100% secure payment with SSL encryption. Buy with peace of mind in Pokemon Faction thanks to the best data protection system.

What Pokemon plush are you going to fall in love with ?

Are you a Pokemon fan and want to decorate your room with the colors of your favorite Pokemon? So let your heart speak and finally find the Pokemon plush that suits you.

Discover our collection of pikachu plushes. Presenting himself under different physical appearances, you can find him in his Detective Pikachu costume, dressed as a member of Team Rocket or even dressed in a Charizard disguise.

Let yourself be tempted by our Eevee plushes and its many evolutions. Whatever your favorite item, there will always be an Eevee plush that will meet your expectations. The most difficult will be to choose between Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon or Eevee itself!

Have you always been passionate about starters of each generation? Fall for our Pokemon plushes and relive the joy of new Pokemon adventures. Are you going to choose Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle or maybe you prefer Pokemon starters of the following generations? Test now the soul of Pokemon trainer that lies dormant in your child by offering him the fateful choice between the three basic Pokemon.

Finally whatever your desires, let your heart speak and give your heart to our Mimikyu plushes that will give it the soul of an arena champion.

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