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Emblematic Pokemon of the license, Eevee has gradually established itself as a real mascot in the Pokemon universe. Both cute and mischievous, it has a special place in the hearts of fans who are easily touched by the air of a little fox with brown fur.

Faithfully taking on the features of this Pokemon, our collection of Eevee plush toys will allow you to take your favorite companion home with you so that you can enjoy it every day at home.

Ideal for being cuddled, their design in organic cotton and polyester makes them particularly soft and pleasant to the touch. Created for fans of all ages, our Eevee plush toys are anti-allergenic and do not contain any component that constitutes a risk for the youngest. They will constitute an ideal comforter for sleeping in the evening or decorating your room like a true Pokemon fan.


Known to be the Pokemon with the largest number of evolutions possible, this characteristic feature of Eevee directly inspired our collection of Eevee plush toys. Whatever your favorite "eeveelution", you will enjoy finding it every day in your room.

Eevee plushes are available in all elements: Eevee type normal in brown; Vaporeon water type in blue; Fire-type Flareon in red, Electric type Jolteon in yellow, Psychic type mental in purple Umbreon of darkness type in black, Green plant type Leafeon, Ice blue Glaceon in sky blue, Fairy type Sylveon in pink.


Do you want to please a Pokemon fan who loves Eevee? Then our Eevee plush toys are an ideal gift!

Ideal for decorating a bedroom with softness, our Eevee plush toys will immerse their owners in the magic world of their favorite Pokemon every day.

Bringing tenderness and comfort, each plush will be a real daily companion to confide in and cuddle for restful and sweet nights of sleep.


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Will your heart fall in love with the Eevee plush, its cute look and its look of little fox with brown fur?

Are you going to fall for the Vaporeon plush, the Flareon plush or the Jolteon plush, of the respective water, fire and electric types? These three evolutions were initially possible in the Kanto region thanks to the use of a water stone, a fire stone or a lightning stone on Eevee.

Will you choose an Espeon plush toy or an Umbreon plush of the respective psy and darkness types? These changes require a high rate of happiness in Eevee to evolve respectively during the day or at night. They appeared in the Johto region.

Or do you want a Glaceon plush or Leafeon plush of the respective ice cream or plant type? To take these forms, Eevee needs to gain a level near an icing stone or a moss stone. These developments appeared in the Sinnoh region.

Let yourself be tempted by our Sylveon fairy type plush. Appeared in the Kalos region, this evolution requires great care of your Eevee having a fairy attack to transform.

Whatever your favorite Pokemon, order the Eevee plush that suits you the best and enjoy its softness every day.

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