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Real mascot of the Alola region in the 7th generation of Pokemon, Mimikyu is a ghost type Pokemon also sharing the fairy type, which has taken on the very particular appearance of Pikachu. Feeling particularly neglected, the ghost Pokemon is indeed in search of hugs and wishes to attract the sympathy of Pokemon fans.

It is precisely to satisfy the lack of affection of Mimikyu as well as the fans of this unhappy little Pokemon that we put at your disposal a collection of Mimikyu plushes, more colorful than each other.

Composed of organic polyester fibers, our Mimikyu plush toys are particularly soft and comfortable to cuddle. In addition, they have been designed to be completely anti-allergenic, to allow you to enjoy cuddling or rocking long nights of sleep without any danger, whatever your age.


Faithfully reproducing the original features of the small ghost and fairy Pokemon, Mimikyu plush toys are recognizable thanks to the false eyes and their cheeks in scribbles, their smeared mouth as well as their base with the appearance of a small ghost under a sheet.

Ideal for decorating your room, serving as a companion during disguised events or simply as a comforter overnight, these Mimikyu plush toys will make you feel like you are yourself in Alola and have a real Pokemon to accompany you.

In addition, in order to delight all fans of Eevee, our collection of Mimikyu plush toys naturally took on the appearance of Pikachu's furry companion and its many evolutions. Perfect for bringing a touch of joy and comfort to all Pokemon trainers at heart, these plush toys are made for you if you love Mimikyu as much as Eevee.


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Are you a Pokemon fan and looking for a soft toy to join your collection? Do you particularly love Mimikyu and his crisp look? Then you will love our collection of Mimikyu plush toys!

Let your heart speak and adopt the most magical of all specter Pokemon without further delay by purchasing the original Mimikyu plush with its design inspired by Pikachu.

Are you a fan of Eevee? Without further ado, discover the plush toys that represent Mimikyu disguised as Eevee and cuddle your new brown furry companion with his quirky air.

Looking for a more colorful plush? So fall for the different Mimikyu Plush toys with the image of Eevee evolutions such as Vaporeon, Umbreon or Leafeon.

Whatever your desires, you will inevitably find the Mimikyu which will illuminate your room and border your nights of sleep.

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