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Since the release of Pokemon, Pikachu has quickly established itself as the License mascot, recognizable by its yellow color, its red cheeks and its cute airs of little electric mouse.

Perfectly illustrating your favorite companion, our collection of Pikachu plushes will allow you to take this Pokemon with you and enjoy it every day in your home.

Made of cotton and polyester, our Pikachu plush are naturally very soft to cuddle and pleasant to the touch. In addition, their manufacture makes them anti-allergenic, for safe use from an early age. They will be ideal to complete your collection, decorate your room or use as a comforter for sleeping.


The world of Pokemon continues to evolve over time. The same goes for our Pikachu plush toys. Dressed in different outfits each more original than the other, Pikachu wants to show himself from different angles.

You will thus find many stuffed plushes of your favorite pokemon. This is for example the case of the Pikachu plush disguised as Charizard.

You will also be able to see that Pikachu has taken on the appearance of the various criminal organizations of Pokemon such as Team Rocket, Team Magma, the famous Team Flare and its full orange costume, Team Galactic or the Team Plasma.

Whatever your desire now, there will necessarily be a Pikachu plush that meets your expectations!


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Are you a fan of Pikachu? Looking for a Pokemon Plush with the image of your favorite electric companion? So, go ahead and order the Pikachu Plush of your dreams now!

Are you going to fall for a Detective Pikachu plush, his investigative gaze and his ability to solve all investigations?

Will you choose the cute Pikachu plush dressed up as Victini, the legendary Psychic and Fire Pokemon?

Let your heart express itself and leave with your Pikachu Plush to decorate your room in style and enjoy cuddles full of sweetness.

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