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Lego Pokemon to return to childhood

If you played Lego when you were little, you must know the pleasure of building a room of your choice. Whether it's a house, a vehicle or a character, making a Lego piece is always fun when the job is done and you can finally contemplate what you have managed to achieve with all the blocks at your disposal.

Based on the Lego with which you have been able to play or still play, the Lego Pokemon aim to make you build your favorite pokemon in order to feel this pleasant feeling again. Made up of Nanoblocks, the pieces that make up our collection are smaller than average and will represent an even greater challenge in order to successfully complete the construction of your choice.

Collect your Lego Pokemon 

Made up of twenty different figurines, our collection of Lego Pokemon will immerse you in video games or in the animated one in order to relive the adventures of your favorite trainer.

Each figurine is unique and consists of more than a hundred mini blocks. More than just Lego Pokemon to build, these are real collectible pieces from 5 to 10 cm that will perfectly decorate your room or any other room by bringing it a magic touch of your favorite License.

How to build your Lego Pokemon?

The building instructions are delivered directly to each box containing the Lego Pokemon of your choice. You just need to read it and apply its instructions in order to successfully build your Pokemon nanoblock.

We want to emphasize that nanoblocks are very small pieces and that this may be a more difficult puzzle to solve than you think, but that the pleasure derived from this challenge will be immensely greater. In return, we ask you to avoid keeping these Lego Pokemon within the reach of young children in order to prevent them from choking on these toys.

Finally, if you have the soul of a true champion, we recommend that you try to build your Pokemon yourself by not looking at the manual right away. This will allow you to train your analytical skills and see if you have assimilated the anatomy of your favorite magical creatures. Challenge accepted?

The benefits of Pokemon Faction

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What Lego Pokemon will you choose?

Are you passionate about constructions of all kinds and love playing with Lego or Nanoblocks? Are you an unconditional fan of the Pokemon License? Then our collection of Lego Pokemon is exactly what you need!

Are you going to fall for the Lego Pokemon of Charizard, Blastoise or Venusaur, the powerful final evolutions of starters in the Kanto region? Possessed by Ash, they allowed him to overcome many opponents in arena combat.

Or maybe you prefer their basic version through the Lego Pokemon of Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur? Their appearance really makes them very cute and will perfectly complement your decoration worthy of the Council of 4.

Is it rather the Lego Pokemon of Pikachu or Eevee that attracts you? The two mascots of the game Let's Go are just waiting to be built and find their place in your collection of Lego!

Or are you attracted by the power of Lego Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Dragonite, Gengar or even Gyarados? Whether legendary or not, they have demonstrated their strength through numerous magical powers and an iron-fisted mind.

As you can see, there are many Lego Pokemon to build and collect or to decorate your home and the choice is yours as to which model you would like to order.

If you still have doubts, our best advice would be to simply listen to what the trainer who is sleeping in you tells you at the moment in order to make the right choice and leave with the figurines of your dreams. Gotta Catch them all!

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