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High quality Pokemon socks

What could be better for a Pokemon fan than wearing clothes that reflect his favorite Pokemon every day? Are you a fan of Pikachu and his friends? Do you love colorful and original pairs of socks? Then our collection of Pokemon socks will delight you!

Made of cotton and spandex, our socks are ultra soft, comfortable and flexible. Their airy fabric allows your foot to breathe, enabling you to wear them all year round, keeping your heat in winter without worrying about being too hot in summer.

One size adapted to your size

Made from elastic fibers (spandex), the Pokemon socks from our collection can be worn up to size 8,5. Ideal for young Pokemon fans, they can thus follow their growth and be worn for the long term.

So, whether you are a man or a woman, child or adult, as soon as your foot allows it, you will inevitably find a pair of Pokemon socks to awaken the trainer that is in you and complete your outfit with style.

Socks of your favorite Pokemon

Produced in digital 3D printing, the Pokemon designs from our Pokemon sock collection faithfully reproduce the characters of Pokemon which come from the anime, video games or the Pokemon Go application.

The colorful image of Pokemon is thus impregnated in the fiber on the entire front of our Pokemon socks, the entire back and interior of them are white. So you can wear your white socks every day with all styles by decorating your look with a slight colorful touch on your foot.

The benefits of Pokemon Faction

Benefit from international, fast and free delivery. Receive your order with free shipping in 20 to 25 days, anywhere in the world.

Money back guarantee. Your package is broken? Are you dissatisfied with your purchase? Don’t worry. Contact us via email. We will always find a solution that benefits you.

English customer service available 24/7. Do you have a question about a product or your order? Our team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

A 100% secure payment with SSL encryption. Buy with peace of mind on Pokemon Faction thanks to the best data protection system.

What Pokemon socks are you going to get?

Still hesitating about choosing your pair of Pokemon socks? Our best advice is to listen to yourself and let your heart speak.

Are you going to fall for the full socks representing Pikachu, Koffing or the three pokemon starters Charmander, Pikachu and Bulbasaur?

Are you more drawn to patterns in the colors of your favorite team in Pokemon Go? In this case the Valor, Mystic and Instinct socks are what you need!

Or maybe you just want cute Pokemon socks highlighting different characters in a funny way, like Meowth, Pidgey or Pikachu "pika pika"?

Whatever your style and your expectations as a Pokemon fan, order now a pair of Pokemon socks that you like the most to enjoy their softness as quickly as possible!

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