Quality Pokemon lamps

Are you a Pokemon fan and looking for ways to decorate your room in an original and useful way? Do you love multicolored LED lamps? Then you will appreciate our collection of Pokemon lamps.

Indispensable assets for the decoration of a room of young Pokemon trainer, our Pokemon lamps faithfully reproduce the design of the magical creatures of the Pokemon license. Composed of a Plexiglass plate cut according to the appearance of your favorite Pokemon as well as a support, they will perfectly embellish your interior decoration.

Ideal for providing colored light or as a softer night light, LED lamps are used to consume very little electricity and thus offer maximum energy savings. Enough to delight Pokemon enthusiasts who want an accessory to support them in the long term.

With our Pokemon lamps be free to change colors at will

One of the peculiarities of our Pokemon lamps is their ability to offer you a light of 7 different colors according to your desires. Thanks to a clever assembly of colored LEDs, you will be able to define the atmosphere you want in your room, using your remote control or by clicking directly on the base of your lamp, depending on your model.

Do you want a warm atmosphere? Then choose the red or orange color. Do you prefer a fresher color? Turquoise or green will delight you. And if on the contrary you let yourself be carried by purple colors on your Pokemon lamp with the image of Pikachu? Whatever you want, you can decorate your room at will by changing the style in a few seconds.

The benefits of Pokemon Faction

Benefit from international, fast and free delivery. Receive your order with free shipping in 20 to 25 business days, anywhere in the world.

Money back guarantee. Your package is broken? Are you dissatisfied with your purchase? No problem. Contact us via email. We will always find a solution that best suits you.

English customer service available 24/7. Do you have a question about a product or your order? Our team will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

A 100% secure payment with SSL encryption. Buy with peace of mind on Pokemon Faction thanks to the best data protection system.

What will your pokemon lamp be?

Do you want to decorate your home with one of our Pokemon lamps but you do not know which one to choose? What if you were looking for the Pokemon that best suited you to make your choice?

Will you prefer to light up in the light of a legendary Pokemon with the Entei, Lugia, Rayquaza or Mewtwo lamp?

Do you prefer a Pokemon lamp that takes on the appearance of your favorite starters from Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander?

Or do you want to let your heart speak by adopting a lamp from the Pikachu and Eevee mascots?

Let yourself be carried away by the Pokemon fan instinct that lies dormant in you and find the Pokemon lamp that will embellish your home.

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