Pokemon sword and shield starters

Pokemon sword and shield starters

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If you're reading these few lines, you're probably wondering which starter to choose in the new Sword and Shield Pokémon. Perhaps you have already bought it but you still cannot decide on your choice. Perhaps you are considering buying this game on Nintendo Switch and you are already thinking about the companion who will accompany you on the roads of Galar?

Whatever your situation, the goal of this article is to present you the different evolutions of the starters in Sword and Shield so that you can see what they look like and what is the potential of each of them. You will be able to select your favorite partner and go on an adventure with a light heart, without having the slightest regret during your journey.

Discover without further delay the developments of Galarian starters !

Who are the 3 pokemon sword and shield starters ?

3 starters in Pokémon Sword and Shield pokemon faction

At the very beginning of the game, after following your friend and rival Hop, you will meet Leon, league champion and big brother of Hop. He will offer you to choose your first Pokémon from the three starters: Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble.


First Pokémon of the 8th generation Pokédex, Grookey is the plant type starter among the 3 choices available to you. 

It has the appearance of a small green monkey whose wicks on the top of the skull are formed from two leaves. The periphery of its eyes is yellow while its ears and tail are brown. The tips of its legs and its muzzle are orange. Finally, Grookey is recognizable by the small wooden stick he carries in his mane which he sometimes uses to tap the ground in rhythm.


Scorbunny is the second fire type starter that you can choose from the pokéballs offered by Leon. 

Entirely white in color, it nevertheless has a collar, the tips of its ears and the tips of its orange toes. Beige rectangular spots adorn its snout and the soles of its feet, suggesting that it is a bandage when you know the hyperactive temperament of this little rabbit. This Pokémon has small orange eyes and a smile revealing a cute little single tooth.


The third choice offered among the different starters of the Sword and Shield versions, Sobble is a water-type Pokémon. 

Visually, Sobble is a mixture between a chameleon and a small batrachian. Its body is completely blue and seems to let water flow very easily on its skin. It has a long yellow crest and a voluminous tail curled like a snail. Its hands and feet are shaped like pincers like those of a chameleon. Finally, it has some dark blue spots on the body, especially on the cheeks. Sobble is able to make itself invisible, which perfectly matches its shy and somewhat timid nature.

How to develop pokemon and sword starters

The evolution of the starters of Pokémon Sword and Shield does not require any particular object or any complex method. Indeed, you will simply have to level up your companion so that he can transform. Each starter also has two transformations to reach its final shape. The first evolution will be accessible from level 16. The second evolution will take place at level 35.

Note that it is possible to cancel the evolution of your Galarian starter by clicking on the B button when it occurs. Do not worry if this happens to you, your Pokémon will seek to evolve again during its next level crossing. Finally, if you want your Pokémon not to evolve at all, you can simply make it carry the everstone. This will save you from having to cancel its transformation at each level crossing.

When does grookey evolve ?

Grookey pokemon plush banner pokemon faction

What level does thwackey evolve ?

When he reaches level 16, Grookey turns into Thwackey. His coat becomes light apple-green and his feet lose their orange color. He now has 4 leaves on the top of the skull and two wooden sticks with which he can type. His arms take on a brown color while his wrists are covered with dark green foliage. Thwackey evolves then into Rillaboom at level 35.

Rillaboom, grookey's final evolution at level 35

The final evolution of Grookey is Rillaboom. It can be obtained by evolving a Thwackey at level 35. Taking the appearance of an imposing brown and gray gorilla, the muzzle of this Pokémon remains a bright orange. Its leaves on the wrists have increased in volume compared to its pre-evolution. Finally, we notice very clearly that the leaves on his skull have transformed into a thick and long hair of leaves like dreadlocks.

Rillaboom aims to be relatively imposing and with a virile allure like the great apes from which it draws its inspiration.

What level does scorbunny evolve ?

Scorbunny pokemon plush banner pokemon faction

Raboot, first evolution of scorbunny

The first Scorbunny evolution is obtained at level 16. When it changes, the fire starter takes on a grayer color. His rabbit ears are now drooping while strands of hair appear on the top of his head above his yellow headband. The Pokémon now wears a sort of dark jumpsuit, revealing its orange arms and feet. In addition, Raboot has an orange scarf that hides the bottom of his face.

Cinderace at level 35, the scorbunny's second evolution

Finally, when Raboot reaches level 35, he transforms into Cinderace, the final evolution of Scorbunny . Much more slender than its pre-evolutions, it has resumed a white coloring. His orange and blue coat suggests a pair of sporty pants which go on his chest like a jumpsuit with shoulder pads. His rabbit ears are now pointing backwards while he is wearing an orange hat. His mustaches are also much more developed than those of Scorbunny.

Its appearance as well as its signature attacks tell us about the sporty and fast side of this Pokémon during arena fights.

Sobble evolutions

Sobble pokemon plush banner pokemon faction

Drizzile at level 16

The first evolution of Sobble is obtained by level rise when it reaches level 16. His skin then takes on a more turquoise and darker color. Its legs and eyelids take on an apple green color which gives the impression that Drizzile is wearing gloves and socks. Finally, note that his wick now falls on his forehead, going from yellow to purple.

It is interesting to note that the fearful and shy attitude of Sobble gave way to a more determined even provocative air on the part of this Pokémon whose physique is inspired by the punk culture in the United Kingdom.

Sobble final evolution, Inteleon at level 35

The final evolution of Sobble can be obtained by making Drizzile evolve to level 35. This Pokémon is recognizable with its very slender appearance and its much thinner and less curled tail. Contrary to its pre-evolution, Inteleon has found a yellow crest which now extends to its back. The black colors on his legs and in his hands as well as his white belly give the impression that he is wearing an elegant suit.

At first fearful, he camouflaged himself as a Sobble. He gained confidence and became more challenging as an Drizzile. Now, he puts his abilities at the service of others as a spy directly inspired by James Bond also from the United Kingdom who gave life to the region of Galar.

Which starter should i choose in pokemon sword and shield

starter in pokémon sword and shield pokemon faction

You now know all the developments of starters in Pokémon Sword and Shield . The question now is which one to choose. Here are some food for thought to help you make your choice.

Choose your starter according to your strategy

Cinderace is a Pokémon which has a very high speed as well as a great physical attack. Inteleon is also very fast with a great special attack. Finally, Rillaboom is conversely very slow, strikes hard on the physical plane but has a large amount of HP to protect himself. Depending on the style of play you prefer, this information may be important.

Choose your starter to go with your team

 It is possible that you have already discovered what are the different Pokémon that make up the Pokédex of Galar. If so, there are probably future creatures that you already want to join your team. Thinking about the different offensive and defensive types that you will have will allow you to choose the starter that could offer you the best synergy in combat.

Choose your starter by listening to your heart

Finally, the best advice we can give you is of course to choose the starter that most appeals to you. The world of Galar is made up of 400 Pokémon and you will soon have a wonderful adventure. You now know the evolution of Galarian starters , do not necessarily think about the aftermath and let yourself be carried away by the present moment by taking the starter that you like the most. You will have the most pleasure while discovering the magic world of Pokémon Sword and Shield.


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